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Who is Tina Smith and what has she been doing for us during the coronavirus pandemic?

Who is Tina Smith and what has she been doing for us during the coronavirus? 

Tina Smith is a U.S. Senator. She has been representing Minnesota in the U.S. Senate since 2018. 

Sen. Tina Smith has been fighting for equality, health care, and supporting small businesses. Throughout her time as a U.S. Senator, she has stood up to big pharmaceutical companies to help lower the cost of prescription drugs. And she helped pass bipartisan legislation to combat the opioid epidemic and support mental health programs.

She continues to tackle more as her time goes on as our U.S. Senator. 

What has Sen. Tina Smith done for Minnesotans during the coronavirus pandemic? 

Ensuring that every Minnesotan has access to affordable health care has always been something that Sen. Tina Smith has advocated for, and even more so now in the middle of a pandemic. She has shown up and helped Minnesotans significantly during this time. She has done this by addressing issues of the pandemic and working to provide free testing for all. 

Throughout this pandemic, Sen. Smith has focused on the health and safety of all Minnesotans. She fought to ensure all had access to free coronavirus testing. Sen. Smith advocated for rural hospitals to have access to the Protection Pay Program. 

She has also partnered with and stood behind Cory Booker to help communities of color who needed support and supplies during the pandemic. Additionally, Sen. Smith supports Kamala Harris in establishing a Racial and Ethnic Disparities Interagency Task Force to address racial and ethnic health disparities. These are just some of the remarkable things that she continues to do as our U.S. Senator. 

Sen. Tina Smith is the kind of leader Minnesotans need. Her passion and drive to change laws for the betterment of all Minnesotans is her goal. She continues to show up and change things for the better. 

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