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MN Republicans Are Putting People’s Lives at Risk During the Pandemic.

MN Republicans Are Putting People's Lives at Risk During the Pandemic

MN Republicans are putting people’s lives at risk during the pandemic.

MN Republicans’ reckless behavior has put countless lives at risk

Details are continuing to unfold in this story, but here’s what we know so far:

On November 5, Minnesota Republicans held a large in-person party to celebrate their election results. There were about 100-150 attendees, few wore masks, and the party lasted for hours. They had the party even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly states that these types of gatherings are very risky. 

Around the same time, Republican legislators gathered together, some in person and some participating remotely, at meetings to elect the leaders of their caucuses. 

It was at these events between November 5 and 6 that a coronavirus outbreak started to spread among Republican legislators.

On November 7, House and Senate Republicans sent out a memo to their staff and members informing them that multiple members and staff had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

But, they didn’t bother to inform their DFL colleagues about the outbreak.

On top of that, reporters revealed over the weekend that Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka tested positive for the virus and was experiencing symptoms, but still boarded a plane and flew to Florida.

CDC guidance clearly states that anyone who has been exposed to the virus should quarantine at home for 14 days after exposure.

Republican Senator Paul Gazelka ignored that guidance when he got on a plane to Florida, putting countless lives at risk. And Republican legislators who showed up in person for a special legislative session on November 12 ignored that guidance and put their colleagues at risk.

But that’s not all.

MPR also reported that Republicans didn’t even inform the venue where they held their party that there was an outbreak until they were questioned by reporters.

We can’t trust MN Republicans to lead

Following the news about Republicans’ reckless behavior, Senate Minority Leader Susan Kent called on Sen. Paul Gazelka to resign from his leadership position. 

As details continue to unfold in this story, one thing is certain:

We can’t trust Republicans in the Minnesota House and Senate to lead us through this pandemic.

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