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Times Minnesotans have practiced patience.

Times Minnesotans have practiced patience

Minnesotans are known for our Minnesota niceness and distinct accents, but we’re also good at being patient, too. So while we patiently wait for our election officials to finish counting every eligible vote this election, let’s take a look at some of the times that Minnesotans have practiced patience. 

Driving through rush hour traffic during a snowstorm.

We’ve all been there. You desperately want to get home but that dreaded snowstorm comes in. You know, the one that has been predicted over and over on the news? At least it’s not as bad as the Halloween blizzard of ‘91…

Standing in line for hours for Sweet Martha’s cookies at the State Fair.

Those cookies truly smell the best. I think that’s why we’re always the most motivated to stick around in line for ungodly hours just to get a bucket of those heavenly creations.

Waiting in line at the DMV.

Listen, everyone dreads the lines, and the confusing orders. But we always stay and stand in line. Do we have much of a choice though?

Waiting for those walleyes to finally bite.

On the bright side, at least you still have a cool beer, and the views aren’t too terrible.

Waiting in the cold to get into a show at First Avenue.

Weren’t the doors supposed to open fifteen minutes ago? Oh well, you’ll just have to dance extra hard to defrost your legs once you get past the doorman.

Getting through an entire Minnesotan goodbye.

“Well…” *slaps leg* Yes, it’s the statewide signal that the Minnesota goodbye ritual is about to begin. The longer the goodbye, the more Minnesotan you might be. Sometimes it just happens to last two and a half hours.

Waiting for a Vikings Super Bowl win.

We’re off to a bad start this year, but I swear we’ll turn it around!

Waiting for construction to finish on I-94 (it’ll never end!).

By the time it’s close to being finished, another project has already started. Maybe traffic will be less congested in five years…

Waiting for the person that you’re holding open the door for!

Being Minnesota Nice sometimes means waiting awhile and maybe regretting holding the door open because they’re actually way farther away than you expected.

Waiting for the pond to freeze over so you can finally play hockey.

Hope you brought your ice skates!

Minnesotans know how to practice patience. Let’s keep it up to ensure a fair election and make sure that every eligible voter has their voice heard and vote counted.

Join Us.