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MN conservatives are STILL siding with Trump.

The U.S. Capitol superimposed on Trump

Trump isn’t just complicit in last week’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, he called for it. He’d rather see the Capitol defaced and Americans killed than accept the fact that he lost the 2020 election fair and square. It’s deplorable and un-American. That’s why we need accountability.

Trump must be impeached. Again.

Why does impeachment matter if he’s about to leave office anyway?

Impeachment will keep Trump from running for office in the future. And it will send a strong message to current and future elected officials that if they try to undermine the democratic will of the people, they will be held accountable.

Standing up to Trump

232 members of Congress stood up to defend our democracy and impeach Trump today. Among them, Minnesota DFL Representatives Dean Phillips, Angie Craig, Ilhan Omar, and Betty McCollum. They helped pass a measure to impeach Trump for an unprecedented second time.

Still defending Trump

Unfortunately, Minnesota conservatives are still siding with Trump. Representatives Jim Hagedorn, Pete Stauber, Tom Emmer, and Michelle Fischbach voted against impeachment. 

How could they fail to support impeachment, even after Trump rallied his supporters to commit acts of terrorism? Why are they still repeating Trump’s lies, even after they’ve been disproven by bipartisan election officials across the country? Are they more concerned about being on Trump’s good side than protecting our democratic process?

Their complicity is appalling. 

What happens now? 

Now that impeachment has passed the House of Representatives, it moves to the Senate. There, Trump will face trial. We don’t know exactly when this will happen, but we do know that our Minnesota senators have our back. 

DFL Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith have expressed support for impeachment. That’s because there’s no excuse for trying to halt our democracy with violence and lies. 

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