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One year of COVID: check out our new website.

Last March, all of our lives changed forever. 

It’s been one year since Governor Tim Walz declared a state of peacetime emergency to respond to this crisis. That means a whole year of uncertainty. A year of missing our friends and families. Of combating misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Whether or not you know someone who contracted the virus, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted us all. 

But it didn’t impact us all equally.

It’s time for a better recovery

Here in Minnesota, working families and small businesses have been hit especially hard. And while the state’s vaccine rollout continues to bring good news, we’re still looking ahead at a long, challenging recovery.

That’s why we’re counting on our elected leaders to support our families and communities while asking the wealthiest Minnesotans and large, profitable businesses to pay their fair share.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Instead of investing in our recovery, conservatives want to slash programs and shortchange our communities. We need your help to hold them accountable.

Visit our new website!

A Better COVID Recovery is our new site dedicated to keeping Minnesotans in-the-know about the latest COVID recovery plans and how they impact you.

See how much your community would benefit from the latest federal stimulus package. Learn about how the progressives’ leadership compares to conservatives’ inaction. And don’t forget to share with your friends to keep them in-the-know, too! 

Together, we’ll recover from this year of crisis. We’ll come back stronger, more prosperous, and more united. 

Because that’s what Minnesotans do. 

Join Us.