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How you can support Daunte Wright’s grieving community.

Daunte Wright and his son superimposed on an image of lit candles

Once again, we’re heartbroken. Another Black Minnesotan’s life, recklessly cut short by police violence. Daunte Wright was a young father who loved his family and making people laugh. Now, his Brooklyn Center community–and the world–mourns.

Nothing will bring Daunte back, but you can still support his family and community during this tragic time. Here’s how:

Donate money

Just a few dollars can go a long way. Support Brooklyn Center families by donating to this fundraiser, organized by Brooklyn Center Community Schools. The money will be used to provide essential items and safe accommodations for community members in need. 

Additionally, Brooklyn Center residents have organized mutual aid funds to support the community and a memorial fund for Daunte Wright’s family. 

Donate goods

Brooklyn Center Community Schools are welcoming donations of essential items like toiletries and fresh foods. Visit their Twitter page for up-to-the-minute information about drop off locations and most-needed items. On this list, you can find more information about food and supply drives in Brooklyn Center. 

Donate your time

Sign up here to volunteer to distribute items to community members. And be sure to follow this Facebook page for updates and alerts about future volunteer opportunities. 

Later this month, join the Minneapolis NAACP and Don’t Complain Activate for a week of community action and healing.

Demand reform

George Floyd, Philando Castile, Jamar Clark, Justine Damond, and Daunte Wright should all still be alive right now. But all of them, and so many others, lost their lives to police brutality. 

That’s why we must pass laws that hold police accountable and put our communities first. 

Use this form to send a letter to your representatives and demand that they pass comprehensive, commonsense police reform. When you’re done, don’t forget to share with your friends and family to make sure they contact their representatives too. 

Together, we’ll work to end police brutality and build a better, stronger Minnesota for everyone. 

Join Us.