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Conservatives keep trying to make it harder to vote.

Conservatives are trying to make it harder to vote

Voting is as Minnesotan as tater tot hot dish and freezing wind chills. Year after year, we consistently lead the country in voter turnout. That’s thanks in part to progressive, voter-friendly policies like same-day registration and early voting. Minnesotans show up to vote because our elections are accessible and safe. 

You’d think that our elected leaders would consider that a win, regardless of political party. But that’s not the case. Both in St. Paul and in Washington D.C., conservatives are trying to make it harder for Minnesotans to exercise their right to vote. 

Here’s what’s happening, and what you can do about it. 

For The People Act: blocked by conservatives

In the U.S. Senate, our senators, progressives Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, continue to work to make our elections better. They advocated for the For The People Act, a bill that includes automatic voter registration, early voting, and other measures to make our elections more accessible and secure. As conservative-run states across the country try to cheat the system with unfair elections, these reforms are crucial. 

Unfortunately, conservatives in the senate blocked the For The People Act

What does it say about conservatives if they think that the only way they can keep their jobs is by making it harder for Americans to exercise their constitutional right to vote?

Progressives in the legislature have our backs

Meanwhile, in St. Paul, conservatives in the legislature are pulling the same shenanigans. They pushed for a bill that would get rid of Minnesota’s same-day registration system and require a voter ID at the polls.

Despite what the conservatives’ false talking points might say, voter ID laws are just another form of voter suppression. They disproportionately affect Minnesotans of Color, elderly Minnesotans, and Minnesotans with disabilities, making our elections less fair. Plus, Minnesotans already voted down a Voter ID measure on the ballot in 2012.

Luckily, progressives in the legislature stopped that bill from passing. Our progressive leaders understand that our elections are better when more eligible Minnesotans make their voices heard. 

So what’s next?

Legislators in St. Paul are rushing to wrap up the special session. In Washington D.C., Mitch McConnell and his right-wing buddies continue to stand in the way of fair elections. But that doesn’t mean we should give up. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has pledged to continue to push back on voter suppression laws, and our progressive leaders in Minnesota remain dedicated to keeping our elections safe, secure and accessible. Sign up to receive updates and action alerts, and together we can protect our elections and hold conservatives accountable. 

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