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Michelle Benson is dangerous for Minnesota.

Senator Michelle Benson sitting in front of a microphone

This just in: conservative Senator Michelle Benson is officially running for governor. Unless you’re a billionaire or a big pharmaceutical company, that’s bad news.

Whether on issues of health care, taxes, or education, Michelle Benson consistently put wealthy corporations first in the Minnesota Senate. Her conservative buddies might overlook how she failed hardworking Minnesota families, but we certainly won’t. 

Here’s why Michelle Benson is dangerous for Minnesota. 

Blocked emergency insulin access

For Minnesotans with Type 1 diabetes, insulin is like air. Without it, you die. But pharmaceutical companies have gouged the price of life-sustaining insulin, with deadly consequences. 

Unbelievably, when the legislature introduced the Alec Smith Insulin Act in 2019, Michelle Benson blocked it from passing. To add insult to injury, when a constituent asked Benson to support the bill on Facebook, she replied that Minnesotans in an emergency situation should use coupons. Coupons.

Michelle Benson would rather put Minnesotans with diabetes’ lives at risk than hold big pharmaceutical companies accountable.

Voted to protect opioid manufacturers

If you love someone who has struggled with an opioid addiction, you know just how hard it is to achieve long-term recovery. That’s why progressives in the Minnesota Legislature proposed “penny a pill.” The bill would have raised $42 million from opioid manufacturers for the prevention and treatment of opioid addiction. 

Opioid manufacturers are largely to blame for the opioid epidemic, so they’re the ones who should foot the bill to end it. It just makes sense. But still, Michelle Benson voted against it.

Meanwhile, while standing in the way of measures that would benefit Minnesotans’ health and wellbeing, she voted to give $35 million in tax breaks to big tobacco companies

Michelle Benson’s record on public health is sickening. Literally. 

Putting wealthy corporations first

In the Minnesota Senate, Michelle Benson voted to underfund our schools and reduce access to pre-kindergarten. In addition, she voted to allow corporations to deny Minnesota workers a fair wage, all while giving millions of dollars in tax breaks to millionaires. Time and time again, she put the ultra-wealthy first while leaving hardworking Minnesotans behind. 

We deserve better

We’re tired of conservatives like Michelle Benson shortchanging our communities. That’s why we need to hold her accountable. But we can’t do it without you. Sign up now and together we’ll build a better Minnesota for all of us. 

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