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What Scott Jensen says vs. what he actually does.

It’s like the old saying goes: actions speak louder than words. Lately, conservative Scott Jensen has been talking a big game about taking on big pharma, but his record tells another story. 

When he was a Minnesota state senator, Scott Jensen failed to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable. At every turn, he sided with corporations over hardworking Minnesotans. He even admitted that pharmaceutical companies were powerful enough to control his caucus.

Let’s look back at a few of the times when Scott Jensen caved to big pharma.

Failing Minnesotans on the opioid epidemic

Too many Minnesota families have already lost a loved one to opioid addiction. And unfortunately, the problem isn’t getting any better. Here in Minnesota, opioid deaths rose by 59% in 2020

In many cases, opioid addictions begin when a person receives a prescription treatment for pain, then becomes dependent. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies that create and promote opioid painkillers rake in more and more profit. 

That’s why Minnesota legislators introduced a “penny-a-pill” bill in 2017. This bill would have charged pharmaceutical companies a penny for every opioid painkiller sold. Then, those funds would have gone toward treatment and prevention of opioid addiction. 

When this legislation came to the state senate, Scott Jensen had an opportunity to demand accountability from big pharma. But he didn’t do it. 

Scott Jensen voted against penny-a-pill

Since then, hundreds of Minnesotans have died from opioid overdoses, and countless more still struggle with addiction.

Failing Minnesotans who depend on insulin

For Minnesotans with type 1 diabetes, insulin is as essential for survival as air or water. But unfortunately, thanks to big pharma price gouging, insulin is expensive. Like, really expensive. So expensive that some Minnesotans have risked their lives by rationing their insulin.

In the case of 26-year-old Alec Smith, the high cost of insulin cost him his life.

To prevent another tragedy, progressives in the Minnesota legislature fought to create an emergency insulin fund in Alec Smith’s name. At the time, Scott Jensen said that he supported the bill. But when the pressure was on, he went back on his word and voted against it. 

Once again, Scott Jensen sided with big pharmaceutical companies instead of protecting Minnesotan lives.

Stand up to Scott Jensen’s broken promises

Scott Jensen can talk all he wants about taking on big pharma, but his votes speak volumes. Instead of holding corporations accountable, he flip-flopped and gave mealy-mouthed excuses. He’s shown Minnesotans that his word doesn’t mean much, so how does he expect us to trust him now? 

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