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Senator Tina Smith is a Champion for Climate.

Senator Tina Smith is leading the charge against climate change at the U.S Capitol. 

From sitting on the Senate’s Climate Crisis Committee, introducing bipartisan climate legislation, and meeting with activists on the ground, Senator Smith continues to demonstrate what progressive leadership looks like.

A leading voice for Build Back Better 

Senator Smith has been a champion for the historic Build Back Better Act, which would include sweeping investments in clean energy technology, climate-friendly tax incentives, and infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions. 

Senator Smith spoke to the urgency of passing climate legislation not only for the country as a whole but for Minnesotans who are seeing the effects of climate change:

“The problems of a changing climate are already known to us Minnesotans,” said Sen. Smith in a speech on the Senate floor. “We know that rain patterns are changing. We are prone to long hot, dry spells in the summer, but when the rains do come, they are more intense. Storms bringing more than six inches of rain used to be extremely rare, but now Minnesota suffers more than almost anywhere else in the country from a climate-driven increase in “mega-rain events.”

Her work fighting climate change is ongoing and unrelenting

In collaboration with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, our two progressive climate-championing senators have supported legislation we are now seeing implemented throughout Minnesota. 

In July 2021, they announced that our state would be receiving 10 million dollars to improve rural drinking water.

“This investment will help six Minnesota communities make improvements to prevent water contamination and other environmental hazards,” said Senator Smith. “Putting real dollars behind the promise to invest in infrastructure shows Minnesotans that the federal government takes its responsibility seriously.”

Additionally, both senators announced a new EPA grant initiative that supports up to $9 million of Great Lakes restoration. Their program includes projects that support Lake Superior, the crowning jewel of Northern Minnesota. 

In April 2021, Smith introduced the Conservation and Innovative Climate Partnership Act, a bipartisan bill to help farmers, including those throughout Minnesota, adopt conservation and climate practices to sustain their farms, and protect the environment. 

Thank you for your proactive, progressive leadership

Senator Smith, we’re proud to have you leading the nation in calling for progressive, serious climate solutions. We need leaders like you who take the climate crisis seriously and are not afraid to respond. Thank you for advocating for our communities, a robust economy, and a cleaner, greener future for Minnesota.

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