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Kendall Qualls is Wrong for Minnesota.


Kendall Qualls is Wrong for Minnesota

Conservative candidate for Governor Kendall Qualls is all kinds of wrong for Minnesota. 

Qualls ran for Congress in 2020 and lost. Instead of taking the hint from the Minnesotans that rejected him, he’s back and bringing the same dangerous conservative rhetoric with him. 


Qualls Would Bring Trump’s Agenda Back to MN

In a Pioneer Press interview in 2019, Kendall Qualls admitted to voting for Donald Trump and said he agreed with Trump’s policies. 

The last thing that Minnesotans want or need is another conservative working to bring the plans and policies of Donald Trump to our state. 

Not only does he support Trump, but he even hired former Trump campaign manager, Bill Stepien as an advisor for his current campaign. Stepien is under subpoena for interference in the 2020 election.

According to the subpoena letter, Stepien

supervised the conversion of the Trump presidential campaign to an effort focused on ‘Stop the Steal’ messaging and related fundraising. That messaging included the promotion of certain false claims related to voting machines despite an internal campaign memo in which campaign staff determined that such claims were false. The ‘Stop the Steal’ messaging was echoed by individuals who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to interfere with the peaceful and orderly transfer of power. Additionally, the campaign reportedly urged state and party officials to affect the outcome of the November 2020 election by, among other things, asking states to delay or deny certification of electoral votes and by sending multiple slates of electoral votes to the United States Congress.

Qualls and his shady political entourage have no place in Minnesota. Minnesota needs leaders who will uphold the integrity of our elections and keep reckless Trump policies away from our communities.


Qualls is Anti-Choice

Furthermore, Qualls is vocally anti-choice and supports restricting access to safe, legal abortion.

In his 2020 campaign for Congress, Kendall Qualls was endorsed by a known anti-choice organization, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life. 

Kendall Qualls is wrong for Minnesota. We need a leader who will move Minnesota forward and put families, not just the wealthiest and well-connected, first.


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