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Progressives are Working Hard for Minnesotans this Legislative Session.

The start of February brought about the beginning of the 2022 legislative session. Progressives in the Legislature are working tirelessly to respond to the needs of our communities and deliver for hardworking Minnesotans. 

Within the first week after reconvening, Governor Walz signed the inaugural bill of the session, extending workers’ compensation for frontline public safety and health care staff who are at the highest risk of contracting COVID-19 on the job. This bill will extend workers’ benefits for roughly 183,000 of Minnesota’s workers. 

This win for workers is only the beginning; here’s what else progressives have planned this session:

Investing in Affordable Housing 

Every Minnesotan deserves a safe and affordable place they can call home. That’s why progressives have introduced a legislative package to reduce housing costs for Minnesotans, lower costs for renters, provide pathways to homeownership, and build more homes while improving the affordable housing we already have. 

The progressive housing package includes a $600 million proposal to create over 5,500 new housing units. And in response to increasing barriers to homeownership, includes $400 million in rental assistance to an estimated 49,275 households and down-payment assistance for up to 3,000 families.

Lowering Cost of Childcare and College Tuition, and Addressing K-12 Funding Shortfalls

Progressive have shown they are committed to finding solutions to close opportunity gaps in schools, invest in early childhood education and close Special Education and English Language Learner funding shortfalls this session. 

The progressive education plan outlines policies to make higher education and job training more accessible, increase funding for K-12 education, and make early care and learning affordable for middle-income families, with livable wages for teachers. 

Fighting for Economic Security 

In this session, progressives will be introducing economic recovery legislation that holds corporations accountable and ensures all Minnesotans can safely and effectively provide for their families. 

The plan includes funding paid family and medical leave, increasing access to dependable broadband throughout the state, and halting tax giveaways for large corporations at the expense of hardworking Minnesotans. 

So, what do you think? Because to us, these proposals not only show that progressives in the Legislature are working hard to envision a better Minnesota but also have our communities at the heart of their work. 



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