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Rich Stanek is Wrong for Minnesota.

Former Hennepin County Sheriff, Rich Stanek, is the latest conservative to enter the Minnesota governor’s office race. 

Rich Stanek has a decades-long track record of divisive, harmful, offensive behavior as an elected official in Minnesota. From using racial slurs during his time as a police officer to being named in numerous police brutality lawsuits, Rich Stanek has shown time and time again that he is not the leader that Minnesotans need. 

The Associated Press reported in April 2004 that Rich Stanek had been named in four police brutality cases in Hennepin County while working as a police officer. This includes a traffic stop in Minneapolis that resulted in a $55,000 settlement because of his excessive force. 

While in court for his police brutality, the Star Tribune reported that Stanek admitted to using racial slurs. When asked under oath, he claimed that using the N-word inside his home was “his business.” 

Stanek’s policing record and use of offensive, harmful language forced him to resign as Public Safety Commissioner under Governor Pawlenty’s administration. 

Stanek has also been a vocal supporter of failed president Donald Trump and his racist policies. In 2017, he supported Trump’sMuslim travel ban despite Minnesota being among the top states nationally for refugee resettlement from the Trump blacklisted countries.

Rich Stanek has continued to demonstrate dangerous leadership that prioritizes harmful policy over the safety of our communities. Minnesotans deserve to feel safe, respected, and supported by their leaders. 

We need a governor who will bring Minnesotans together and move our state forward, not someone who will continue to divide our communities. Rich Stanek is wrong for Minnesota.

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