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The truth about Alpha News.

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You might have seen their name on a conservative billboard, or maybe on a friend’s Facebook feed. But who are they, really? 

While they might have “news” in their name, Alpha News is anything but. It’s a shady, right-wing propaganda machine. The organization pushes conservatives’ harmful agenda with clickbait headlines, alarmist lies, and zero journalistic integrity.

Here’s what you need to know. 

Murky origins

Alpha News launched in 2015, headed by a group of Tea Party Republicans, many of whom wouldn’t even reveal their identities. Some of Alpha News’s “articles” don’t even have bylines. According to the Society for Professional Journalists code of ethics, that’s a major red flag. And that’s just one of many professional standards that Alpha News fails to meet. 

An extremist agenda

Alpha News’s sketchy background is untrustworthy, but even that is nothing compared to the actual content hosted on their site. Posts on Alpha News’s website include baseless conspiracy theories, Islamophobic rhetoric, and bogus data.

An independent analysis calls Alpha News a questionable source, citing low credibility and far-right bias. Basically, Alpha News is fake news.

In a time when online misinformation is spreading like wildfire, Alpha News is guilty of fanning the flames.

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