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Scott Jensen’s record on gun violence puts Minnesotans in danger.

Scott Jensen Said He Won’t Get a COVID Vaccine  

Our country is still mourning the 10 people who were shot and killed by a far-right extremist in Buffalo, New York last month. In the weeks following this tragedy, mass shooters killed 19 students and two teachers at an elementary school in Texas, three health care workers and a patient at a hospital in Oklahoma, three people on a bustling Saturday night in downtown Philadelphia, and a mother and her three children at their home in Michigan, among others.

Gun violence is an epidemic in the United States. There’s no denying that. But conservative gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen continues to push some pretty backwards ideas about how to address it.

More guns, fewer safeguards

In the Minnesota state Senate, Jensen blocked common sense crime prevention measures. These included stricter background checks on gun sales to reduce the number of illegal weapons on our streets and keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals.

Meanwhile, Jensen voiced his support for “Stand Your Ground” laws that encourage gun owners to shoot first and ask questions later. These laws have led to more homicides and more racial disparities in criminal convictions in other states. In many cases, these laws were passed after pressure from the National Rifle Association, a pro-gun group of which Jensen is a card-carrying member

In short, Jensen’s plan to address gun violence in Minnesota is to… not. Scott Jensen’s proposals, which have been proven to lead to more gun violence, are little more than pandering to the right-wing gun lobby. 

Apologizing to the wrong people

On May 14th, 2022, just as the news broke of the senseless killing in Buffalo, conservative gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen made a shocking move. He apologized for once supporting gun violence prevention measures in the Minnesota state Senate. 

For years, progressives in the Minnesota Legislature have fought to keep our communities safe from gun violence. Time after time, Scott Jensen’s conservative colleagues have stood in the way. Rather than do the right thing, Jensen caved under the pressure and reversed his position. Then, he made a big show of it in the wake of another mass shooting. 

We can’t trust Scott Jensen to keep Minnesotans safe. 

Help us fight back

During the first weekend of June, 2022 alone, 17 people died in mass shootings. Over 60 more suffered injuries. 17 Americans shot dead. In three days. 

We’re exhausted, and we know you are, too. But conservatives like Scott Jensen continue to turn a blind eye to gun violence while proposing laws that would make the problem worse. 

That’s why we need to fight back. 

Sign up to hold conservatives accountable. And together, we’ll build a better, safer Minnesota for all of us.  


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