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The Truth About Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL).

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Conservative gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen likes to tout his “100% rating” from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, or MCCL.

Like Scott Jensen, MCCL has spent years trying to push their radical, anti-choice agenda in Minnesota. In fact, if elected governor, Scott Jensen has said that he would “sign anything that (MCCL) said that we should do.”

But who, exactly, is this organization?

A long history of extreme ideas

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life is the oldest and largest anti-choice organization in the state. Since 1968, they’ve lobbied against reproductive freedom and pushed for radical restrictions on abortion. They use misleading research and fake science to rally support from their far-right allies and insert themselves into legislative processes. 

But it goes deeper

But their agenda doesn’t stop at banning abortion. MCCL argues against the Affordable Care Act, which prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to millions of people based on their gender or a pre-existing condition. It’s ironic that an organization that seeks to force all pregnancies to be carried to term also wants to let insurance companies deny coverage for prenatal and maternal care. 

MCCL also opposes life-saving stem cell research and pushes for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Presumably, this is because some Planned Parenthood locations provide safe, professional abortion care. But Planned Parenthood also provides preventative and comprehensive health care in high-need areas. Still, MCCL would rather strip our communities of Planned Parenthood’s services. 

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for “Life?” Not so much. MCCL is only concerned with their regressive, extremist ideology and expanding their political sway.

We have to fight back

Conservative gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen isn’t shy about his anti-choice views. Neither is his running mate, Matt Birk. And their close ties to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life put our rights–and our health care–at risk. 

We deserve better than leaders who are in MCCL’s back pocket. That’s why we have to speak up. Now.

Sign our petition to condemn Scott Jensen and Matt Birk’s anti-choice agenda. And together, we’ll fight to keep abortion safe and legal in Minnesota. 

Join Us.