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Attorney General Keith Ellison is standing up for abortion patients.

Headshot of Attorney General Keith Ellison and an image of two young people in an embrace

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade sent shockwaves across the nation. In many U.S. states, the rights that patients enjoyed for nearly 50 years disappeared in an instant. In Minnesota, anti-choice conservatives are trying to take away our right to safe, legal abortion. Thankfully, our progressive leaders are fighting back. 

One of those leaders is Attorney General Keith Ellison. But he’s not just fighting for patients in Minnesota. He’s fighting for patients everywhere.

Minnesota: a refuge for reproductive care

Abortions will soon be illegal in more than a dozen states, and the patients who live in those states are already scrambling to access the care they need. With so many clinics forced to suspend abortion services, more and more people will have to cross state lines to access a safe, legal abortion. 

That’s where Minnesota comes in. 

Here, our reproductive rights are still guaranteed. That’s why the Red River Women’s Clinic–formerly the only abortion provider in North Dakota–plans to move their entire operation across the river from Fargo to Moorhead to continue providing care for their community. In fact, all of Minnesota’s clinics expect to start serving more patients from neighboring states with anti-choice laws in place. 

Anti-choice leaders in those states know this, and they’re trying to crack down on it. Some extreme abortion bans include penalties for those who seek abortion care in another state.

In response, Attorney General Ellison has pledged not to prosecute anyone who comes to Minnesota for an abortion, or who helps someone access an abortion in Minnesota. He will also oppose requests from other states to extradite abortion patients for criminal charges.  Put simply, Attorney General Keith Ellison has patients’ backs, no matter where they come from. 

But we can’t take our rights for granted

Safe, trusted, and professional, abortion care remains legal in Minnesota. For now. But there are lots of anti-choice conservatives who want to change that. 

Conservative gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen has said that he would ban abortion in Minnesota without exceptions, even for rape or incest. His running mate, Matt Birk, isn’t shy about his anti-choice views either.

Sign our petition to stand up to Scott Jensen’s radical anti-choice agenda. And together, we’ll fight to keep Minnesota a safe haven for reproductive health care. 

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