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Attorney General Keith Ellison’s biggest wins for Minnesota.

Image of Attorney General Keith Ellison standing at a podium and smiling

Since taking office in 2019, Attorney General Keith Ellison has served as our state’s chief legal officer, advocating for Minnesota families and small businesses. In that time, he’s gotten a lot done.

Here’s a look at some of Attorney General Ellison’s most important accomplishments…

Standing up for reproductive rights

The U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade left Minnesotans worried for the future of abortion rights. After all, conservatives, like gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen and Ellison’s challenger, Jim Schultz, both vowed to try to ban abortion. Luckily, Attorney General Keith Ellison has our back. 

Attorney General Ellison is committed to protecting access to safe, legal abortion in Minnesota. After Roe was overturned, Ellison said that he would even defend those who travel to Minnesota for an abortion from other states. As more of our neighboring states in the midwest move to outlaw abortion, that commitment benefits patients across the region.

Ellison is also working to protect Minnesotans from misleading, unregulated “crisis pregnancy centers” that promote misinformation and try to scare people out of pursuing abortion care.

Fighting back against big pharma

In addition to those seeking abortion care, Attorney General Ellison’s work benefits countless other Minnesota patients. 

Ellison defended Minnesota’s emergency insulin law against attacks from big pharmaceutical companies. This law makes insulin more affordable and accessible for those who rely on insulin to survive and are struggling to afford the skyrocketing cost. 

As the opioid crisis devastated Minnesota families, Ellison stood up to opioid manufacturers. Thanks to his work, Minnesota secured millions in investments for addiction treatment and support. Ellison also partnered with other states to sue big pharmaceutical corporations for artificially inflating the price of drugs. 

Cracking down on corporate greed

During the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations tried to take advantage of the unprecedented times by jacking up the prices of essential goods. But Attorney General Keith Ellison fought back. 

Ellison stood up for working families by holding big corporations accountable for price gouging. He cracked down on wage theft and ensured that workers received the pay they earned. 

As more Minnesotans struggled to afford housing, Ellison took on predatory landlords and defended the rights of renters. 

Don’t let conservatives undo Attorney General Keith Ellison’s work

While Attorney General Ellison and progressives are fighting for a better, fairer Minnesota, conservatives have other ideas. 

Conservative candidate for Attorney General Jim Schultz, for example, supports banning abortion without exceptions. We can’t let that happen. 

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