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Minnesota Progressives Win a Historic Trifecta.

Minnesota Progressives Win a Historic Trifecta

Once again, Minnesota progressives are victorious! The election results are in, and Minnesota’s progressive champions swept the ballot securing historic control of all three branches of government. 


We couldn’t be more thrilled that millions of Minnesotans made their voices heard, rejecting conservative extremism and opting for leaders who will protect reproductive rights, support our public schools, advocate for hardworking families, and build a better Minnesota. 


Here’s a recap of Minnesota’s tremendous victories:


Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan Secured a Second Term

Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan won four more years in office on their promise to protect abortion rights in Minnesota, prioritize Minnesota schools, students, and teachers, and pursue an ambitious agenda that invests in Minnesota families and builds an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the very top. 


As governor, Tim Walz signed the biggest education funding increase in two decades, raised teacher pay, expanded access to pre-K, and prioritized mental health support for students. .


And under Governor Walz’s leadership, Minnesota ranked as the best state in the country for women and kids during the pandemic.


On the campaign trail, Governor Walz vowed never to sign an abortion ban and said he would keep anti-choice judges off our state Supreme Court.


We couldn’t be more thrilled to have such a champion back in the office. Congratulations, Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan!


Attorney General Keith Ellison Will Continue Fighting for Minnesota Families and Workers

Attorney General Ellison is committed to protecting access to safe, legal abortion in Minnesota. And after Roe was overturned, Ellison said that he would even defend those who travel to Minnesota for an abortion from other states. As more of our neighboring states in the midwest move to outlaw abortion, that commitment benefits patients across the region.


As the opioid crisis devastated Minnesota families, Ellison stood up to opioid manufacturers. Thanks to his work, Minnesota secured millions in investments for addiction treatment and support. Ellison also partnered with other states to sue big pharmaceutical corporations for artificially inflating the price of drugs. 


And Ellison stood up for working families by holding big corporations accountable for price gouging. He cracked down on wage theft and ensured that workers received the pay they earned. 


With Keith Ellison in office advocating for Minnesotans, we’re confident Minnesota will only continue to flourish. Congratulations, Attorney General Ellison!


Secretary of State Simon will Keep Minnesota Elections Fair and Accessible

Secretary of State Steve Simon works hard to keep Minnesota’s elections fair, secure, and accessible. Minnesota consistently leads the nation in voter turnout, and this election was no different! We owe much of this success to Secretary of State Steve Simon and his tireless efforts to keep elections accessible to all Minnesotans. 


Thank you for your work Secretary Simon and congratulations!


Progressives Take Control of the Minnesota Legislature 

Progressives won back the Minnesota Legislature in a historic sweep, defying odds and promoting a robust agenda.


With progressive control in all three branches of Minnesota’s government, the sky’s the limit for passing meaningful, ambitious policy that invests in our communities and dreams big.


Congratulations to the victors from across the state! 


What would you like to see with the progressive trifecta in power?


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