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Codifying Abortion Rights is a Top Priority for Minnesota Progressives this Legislative Session.

Codifying Abortion Rights is a Top Priority for Minnesota Progressives this Legislative Session

And with that, the winter holidays are over, and the start of the 2023-2024 legislative session is upon us!

In case you missed it, here’s everything you need to know about the current legislative session and what to expect in the coming months. 

Minnesota’s progressive champions swept the ballot during the 2022 midterm elections securing historic control of all three branches of the Minnesota government. 

And that’s not at all. The Minnesota legislature is now the most diverse in state history, with 27 lawmakers of color and 11 LGBTQ+ representatives filling the ranks.

During the 2022 midterms, Minnesotans made it clear that they expect elected officials to act and protect reproductive freedom.

Now, our progressive leaders at the Capitol are following through on their promises by making moves to codify reproductive rights into law. 

Minnesota Progressives Introduce the Protect Reproductive Options Act (PRO Act) 

The Protect Reproductive Options Act (PRO Act) would immediately codify reproductive rights into state law, including the right to an abortion and birth control.

The PRO Act protects the right to contraception, the right to carry a pregnancy to term, the right to fertility treatment, and the right to an abortion. The bill also protects reproductive rights at all state government levels, meaning that a city or county cannot limit reproductive rights or abortion access.

The PRO Act was Initially introduced in 2021 but was stalled by conservatives in the Minnesota Senate. Now, the PRO Act has the chance to pass both chambers for the first time in state history due to the pro-choice trifecta elected in November. 

Governor Tim Walz Will Fight for Abortion Rights in Minnesota 

Once the PRO Act passes through the Minnesota House and Senate, it will be up to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to sign the bill into law and protect the right to abortion in Minnesota once and for all.

Governor Walz promised to protect abortion rights in Minnesota and has been a vocal advocate for codifying abortion rights in Minnesota. And the day after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Walz signed an executive order to protect those from other states seeking abortions in Minnesota.

And Governor Walz has vowed never to sign an abortion ban and said he would keep anti-choice judges off our state Supreme Court.

More big things to come

Thanks to our progressive leaders, abortion rights are one step closer to being legally protected for all Minnesotans. We can’t wait to celebrate this historic legislation and take a much-needed sigh of relief. 

And that’s not all! With such an inspiring class of leaders headed to the Capitol this January, we’re confident our progressive Minnesota House and Senate leaders will fight for an entire slate of policies that stand up for our schools, families, and communities and fight for a better Minnesota. 

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