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Gov. Tim Walz & progressives are making MN the best state in the country for kids.

Gov. Tim Walz & progressives are making MN the best state in the country for kids

Yesterday, Governor Tim Walz unveiled a spending proposal focused on funding public education and ending childhood poverty in Minnesota. 

Governor Walz has always been a champion for Minnesota students and families. Now, with a historic class of legislators, a historic budget surplus, and a historic progressive trifecta opening the way for big and bold investments across the state, we’re thrilled to see him leading the way for Minnesota schools and students. 

Governor Tim Walz is Dedicated to Minnesota Public Education

As a former public school teacher, Governor Tim Walz understands the value of a good public education. 

During his first term as governor, Walz signed the biggest education funding increase in two decades, raised teacher pay, expanded access to pre-K, and worked to get kids safely back into their physical classrooms and keep them there during the pandemic.

And under Walz’s leadership, Minnesota ranked as the best state in the country for women and kids during the pandemic.

A budget to make Minnesota the best state in the country for kids

Governor Walz’s $12 billion proposal would include the largest investment in public education in the state’s history.

His budget calls for bold investments in schools, children, and families by funding universal free school lunches, expanding access to pre-K for Minnesota’s youngest learners, increasing funding for alternative classes and mental health support programs, and establishing a new Department of Children, Youth, and Families.

Additionally, Governor Walz proposed a child tax credit for families, which would cut child poverty in Minnesota by roughly 25% and benefit about 100,000 households by investing directly in the families who need help the most. 

Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan pressed the necessity of the tax credit during their budget unveiling and argued that this kind of financial assistance would lead to increased family stability, improvements in test scores, school attendance, high school graduation rates, and college enrollment. 

Big things ahead for Minnesota Students

If you read the news, you’ll know that Minnesota is experiencing a historic $17.6 billion projected budget surplus this year.  

The Minnesota Legislature is tasked with planning and balancing the state budget for the next two years, and the projected surplus leaves a lot more flexibility for our legislative leaders to dream big. 

With the governor’s proposal released, our leaders will now work together to create a spending plan that makes meaningful investments across the state. 

Already progressives in the Minnesota House of Representatives have signaled that investing in Minnesota schools, children, and families is a top priority this session. 

And within the first week of the session, House leadership introduced a bill to fund universal free lunch for Minnesota students. 

We can’t wait to see how Governor Walz and the progressive leadership at the Capitol will work together to invest in our schools, stand up for families, and provide for Minnesota’s youngest learners. 

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