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Gov. Walz and MN Progressives are Making Historic Investments in the Health & Safety of Minnesotans.

On Monday, January 23, Governor Tim Walz unveiled a spending proposal focused on investing in the health and safety of Minnesotans, from increasing access to comprehensive health care to creating housing that meets the needs of all our different communities. 

Time and time again, Governor Walz has made it clear that no Minnesotan should delay or avoid essential health care because they can’t afford it. 

Now he is proposing a budget that helps lower health care costs and increase access for children and families, tackles the opioid crisis head-on, and works to ensure that every Minnesotan has a place to call home. 

With a historic class of legislators, a historic budget surplus, and a historic progressive trifecta opening the way for big and bold investments across the state, we’re thrilled to see him leading the way for a healthier, safer, and more equitable Minnesota. 

A budget to keep our communities healthy 

Governor Walz’s budget proposal stretches far and wide and thinks about the health and safety of Minnesotans from every angle. 

His proposal includes massive investments in affordable housing, expanding access to resources that can help curb the opioid crisis, funding for Minnesota firefighters and paramedics, millions for public safety aid that would be provided to cities, counties, and tribal governments, a new grant program to help first-time homeowners afford down payments, and that’s only the beginning,

Additionally, Governor Walz wants to make sure that no Minnesotan is without access to the medical care they need and deserve. His spending proposal includes a massive expansion of a MinnesotaCare public insurance option, funding for mental health services, plans to lower the cost of health care, and medical and housing support for our veterans. 

The budget proposal would also create an Office of Missing and Murdered African American Women.

Big things ahead for Minnesota 

If you read the news, you’ll know that Minnesota is experiencing a historic $17.6 billion projected budget surplus this year.  

The Minnesota Legislature is tasked with planning and balancing the state budget for the next two years, and the projected surplus leaves a lot more flexibility for our legislative leaders to dream big. 

With the governor’s proposal released, our leaders will now work together to create a spending plan that makes meaningful investments across the state. 

We can’t wait to see how Governor Walz and the progressive leadership at the Capitol will work together to invest in our communities and build a better Minnesota.

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