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Gov. Walz Wants to Make Minnesota the Best State in Country to Raise a Family.

Gov. Walz Wants to Make Minnesota the Best State in Country to Raise a Family 

Yesterday, Governor Tim Walz unveiled a spending proposal focused on investing in Minnesota’s economic future, creating meaningful jobs, supporting workers, and standing up for hardworking Minnesota families. 

Governor Walz has always been a champion for Minnesota’s robust economy and the Minnesotans who make it run. 

Now, with a historic class of legislators, a historic budget surplus, and a historic progressive trifecta opening the way for big and bold investments across the state, we’re thrilled to see him leading the way for a greener and more prosperous Minnesota. 

Gov. Tim Walz is making MN the best state in the country to raise a family 

Governor Walz’s plan to bolster the Minnesota economy is, to say the least, expansive. His budget proposal stretches far and wide and invests in everything from agriculture to workforce training to clean energy jobs and support for Minnesota small businesses. 

By far, the biggest investment he proposed is the creation of a paid family and medical leave program. His budget would establish a paid leave insurance program so that no Minnesotans have to make the unfair choice between a paycheck and taking time off to care for a new baby or a family member with a serious illness.

He also wants Minnesota’s electricity sector to move to 100% clean energy by 2040. Not only does this plan help ensure a healthy home for the Minnesotans to come, but it will create thousands of green high-paying jobs and develop the next generation of climate technologies. 

Governor Walz’s budget also focuses on utilizing the budget surplus for one-time spending projects that would benefit Minnesotans across the state. He proposed that we use the surplus to expand broadband statewide, fund business development grants and loans, and invest in programs that prepare young Minnesotans to enter high-demand sectors with good wages. 

And guess what? These examples only scratch the surface of Governor Walz’s spending plan. Smaller proposals in the plan range from providing solar panels for Minnesota schools, fairly compensating disabled workers, encouraging entrepreneurship, and so much more. 

Big things ahead for Minnesota 

If you read the news, you’ll know that Minnesota is experiencing a historic $17.6 billion projected budget surplus this year.  

The Minnesota Legislature is tasked with planning and balancing the state budget for the next two years, and the projected surplus leaves a lot more flexibility for our legislative leaders to dream big. 

With the governor’s proposal released, our leaders will now work together to create a spending plan that makes meaningful investments across the state. 

Already, progressives in the legislature have approved a measure that would give Minnesota workers up to 12 weeks of paid family leave and up to an additional 12 weeks of paid sick leave

We can’t wait to see how Governor Walz and the progressive leadership at the Capitol will work together to invest in our communities, bolster our economy, and build a better, greener Minnesota.

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