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Progressive Profiles: The New Senators.

Progressive Profiles: The New Senators

Welcome to part 3 of progressive profiles, a series introducing Minnesota’s new progressive legislators. 

Minnesota’s progressive champions swept the ballot during the 2022 midterm elections securing historic control of all three branches of the Minnesota government. 

And that’s not at all. The incoming Minnesota legislature is now the most diverse in state history, with 27 lawmakers of color and 11 LGBTQ+ representatives filling the ranks.

Today we’re introducing the newly elected progressive senators! We can’t wait to see what’s possible with their leadership paving the way for future generations of Minnesotans. 

From city councils to the state senate

Susan Pha, Senate District 38 (Brooklyn Center, New Hope) 

Senator Susan Pha has worked as a Brooklyn Park city council member for the last five years. In the Senate, Susan Pha will fight for a livable wage, a greener climate, investments in education, and affordable health care. Fun fact, Senator Pha is the author of twelve books! 

Grant Hauschild, Senate District 3 (Cook County, Koochiching County, Lake County) 

Grant Hauschild has spent his career advocating for his community. As a local city councilor, Grant has experience advocating for families, childcare, investments in local infrastructure, and navigating the workforce shortage. He will spend his time in the legislature fighting for affordable health care and tackling the bread-and-butter issues that affect our communities the most.

An unexpected shower of meteorologists turned senators 

Rob Kupec, Senate District 4 (Moorhead)

Rob Kupec moved to Minnesota in 2000 and slowly but surely worked his way up the meteorology ranks, becoming Chief Meteorologist at KVRR. Senator Kupec is focused on providing long-lasting results for the people of Western Minnesota, including lowered costs of living, stronger schools, and public safety improvements. Welcome, Senator Kupec! 

Nicole Mitchell, Senate District 47 (Woodbury)

Raised in Woodbury, Minnesota, Nicole is now an active, third-generation military member with more than 29 years of service to her name. And that’s not all; Nicole is also a professional meteorologist! She is excited about fighting for climate change solutions, investing in early childhood education, and advocating for a more equitable Minnesota. Welcome, Senator Mitchell!

Moms at the Minnesota State Capitol 

Judy Seeberger, Senate District 41 (Lake Elmo, Afton)

Senator Seeberger is a public school teacher, paramedic, lawyer, member of a local fire department, military wife, and mother. If that’s not impressive enough, Senator Seeberger has a full-packed agenda for the legislative session, including plans to build Minnesota’s economy, support our veterans, and keep our neighborhoods safe. Congratulations, Senator Seeberger!

Heather Gustafson, Senate District 36 (White Bear Lake, Lino Lakes)

As a high school history teacher, Senator Gustafson has big plans for Minnesota public schools. In the Senate, Heather will fight for early education programs, fully funding special education and robust mental health access for students and educators. Her agenda also includes building a strong economy and investing in public safety programs. Welcome, Senator! 

Bonnie Westlin, Senate District 42 (Plymouth, Maple Grove, Medicine Lake)

Senator Westlin is a small business owner, lawyer, mother, and fierce advocate for women’s rights. As a senator, Bonnie is committed to protecting abortion rights for Minnesotans, holding corporations accountable for price-gouging, and making meaningful investments in public education. Fun fact, Senator Westlin has her own family law and mediation practice! 

Let’s go make progress

We’re thrilled to welcome these new leaders to the table and can’t wait to see how they shape Minnesota over the next two years.

With progressive control of all three branches of Minnesota’s government, the sky’s the limit for passing meaningful, ambitious policy that invests in our communities and dreams big.

Congratulations to the victors from across the state! 

Not sure who your legislators are? No worries. Use this link to learn all about your elected officials.

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