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Our Top Five Moments From President Biden’s 2023 SOTU.

Our Top Five Moments From President Biden’s 2023 SOTU

Last night, President Biden delivered the 2023 State of the Union in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives.

President Biden’s speech highlighted progressive victories from the last two years, from fighting to combat climate change to making historic investments in U.S. infrastructure and rebuilding the American economy. 

We are hopeful for the future and eager to see how our progressive leaders will continue to fight for our families, schools, communities, and jobs.

Here are our top five moments from President Biden’s speech:

  1. President Biden is committed to the health & safety of Americans 

The President revisited our progress in the last three years from expanding health care for veterans, investing in American medical research, addressing our national mental health crisis, and so much more.

And he committed to taking measures to end the opioid epidemic once and for all, fighting Fetanyl and investing in solutions to keep our communities safe. 

  1. President Biden made monumental investments in our country’s infrastructure

One of the most important moments of 2022 was the passage of the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

This critical legislation included $550 billion in new federal investments in America’s roads and bridges, water infrastructure, climate resilience, internet, and more. 

Now, the White House is focused on building the next generation of infrastructure, from climate technology to manufacturing. During the State of the Union, President Biden made it clear that there is much more to come. 

  1. President Biden has a plan to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out, not the top down

President Biden outlined how the past two years have seen historic job growth, falling inflation, higher wages, and record investments returning to America. 

His economic agenda for 2023 is focused on creating jobs, rebuilding our infrastructure, lowering costs for families, tackling climate change, investing in our future and delivering for hardworking families.

Since President Biden took office, the economy has created more than 12 million jobs. And as the President said during his SOTU speech, “we’re just getting started!”

  1. President Biden is committed to ending gun violence

President Biden called on Congress to do more to combat gun violence and take action on police reform while making our communities safer. He spoke about the tragic police killing of Tyre Nichols and the recent mass shooting in Monterey Park, California. He called on our political leaders in Congress to join him in working to end gun violence.

We’re hopeful that with his leadership, we can finally see an end to the epidemic of gun violence in the United States.

  1. President Biden is a champion for hardworking families

The White House’s agenda for the rest of his time in office will be dedicated to finally making the largest corporations and wealthiest Americans begin to pay their fair share.

The President signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act to combat large corporations from price-gouging the price of goods and services.

And he is working to keep drug prices low so families can afford life-saving medicines. 

Big things ahead

Thank you, President Biden, for standing up for our families, health, safety, jobs, and climate. 

We can’t wait to see what is possible in 2023. 

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