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Progressives Deliver Universal School Meals for MN Students.

No child should go without meals at school. 

That’s why the Minnesota Senate just passed landmark legislation to fund universal school meals for Minnesota students! 

Feeding all children at school supports their learning and reduces financial pressure on families.

Under this new legislation, Minnesota will pay the gap between federal funding and the meal cost regardless of a family’s income, providing free school lunch and breakfast for all students.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government reimbursed schools for the cost of breakfast and lunch for all students, but the program expired in September 2022. 

Now under the existing federal programs, one in four food-insecure children in Minnesota don’t qualify for meal support

With Minnesota lawmakers closing the gap, over 600,000 Minnesota students will have access to universal school meals. 

The bill was passed by progressives in the Minnesota House of Representatives in February despite opposition from conservatives. 

Now that Universal School Meals has passed both chambers, the bill is moving towards Governor Walz’s desk, where it will be signed into law!  

Much more to come for Minnesota Students and Families

Universal School Meals is one of many initiatives that Minnesota progressives are championing to invest in our public schools and stand up for working families and children. 

Earlier this year, Governor Walz introduced a  $12 billion budget proposal to make the largest public education investment in the state’s history.

Other efforts include instituting a child tax credit for families, expanding access to pre-K for Minnesota’s youngest learners, and increasing funding for alternative classes and mental health support programs. 

We can’t wait to see how Governor Walz and the progressive leadership at the Capitol will continue to invest in our schools, stand up for families, and provide for Minnesota’s youngest learners. 

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