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Minnesota Progressives are Honoring Paul Wellstone’s Legacy.

Today marks what would have been former United States Senator from Minnesota Paul Wellstone’s 79th birthday.

Minnesotans belove Senator Paul Wellstone across the state for his visionary and compassionate leadership. 

As a U.S. senator, Wellstone is remembered for taking bold action that sometimes risked his own political power to improve people’s lives and fight for his principles. 

During his time in office, Wellstone was a fierce advocate for workers, mental health services, climate protection, and anti-war efforts. 

Famously, he risked losing his reelection to the U.S. Senate to stand against the Iraq war. 

And he championed bills for mental health and disability services despite fierce opposition and stigma. 

As an organizer, Wellstone rallied farmers and workers across the state to organize and stand up against big corporations exploiting working-class families. 

Even our Governor Tim Walz says that leadership like Wellstone’s inspired him to run for office.

Progressives are building a better Minnesota for all of us

Paul Wellstone was invaluable in crafting the political infrastructure, values, and momentum of the progressive movement in Minnesota.

Today, Minnesotas’s progressive leaders are taking historic actions to build a state that honors the ethos that Wellstone taught us.

Famously, Senator Wellstone reminded us of the purpose of political work: 

“Politics is not about power. Politics is not about money. Politics is not about winning for the sake of winning. Politics is about the improvement of people’s lives.” 

And it’s safe to say that Minnesota progressives honored this sentiment during the last legislative session.

Minnesota’s historic progressive trifecta championed everything from Paid Family and Medical Leave to abortion rights and landmark investments in climate change prevention.

Since January 2023, Governor Tim Walz has signed 75 new bills into law that do everything from investing in our public schools to building new affordable homes and so much more.

Minnesota conservatives have roadblocked progressive efforts every step of the way. And they critiqued our leaders for investing too much in our schools, families, and communities. 

But, thanks to the courage we learned from leaders like Paul Wellstone, Minnesota progressives have been able to champion a historic agenda for Minnesotans across the state.  

Why? Because Wellstone taught us the fundamentals of progress and community: “We all do better when all do better.” 

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