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Trump won Minnesota’s Presidential Primary – Now we Organize and Fight Back.

Yesterday – March 5, 2024 — Minnesota hosted its presidential primary election to determine which presidential candidates will be on the ballot in the November 2024 general election. 

President Joe Biden won the Democratic primary, and in an unsurprising but nonetheless upsetting result, Donald Trump won the Republican primary. 

Since announcing his bid for the White House, Donald Trump has been touting an extreme and anti-democratic agenda, threatening to abuse power, celebrating the end of Roe v. Wade, and promising to enact cruel and out-of-touch policies. 

Here’s what we know about Donald Trump’s plan if elected to office:

Donald Trump Threatens American Democracy

Since announcing his bid for the 2024 presidential election, Trump has threatened to abuse his power to punish his political opponents, vowed to act as a dictator for the first day of his presidency, and promised to retaliate against the Biden family by ordering a special counsel to investigate them.

Trump is currently under investigation for 91 felony charges across 4 criminal cases, including for his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, culminating in the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Trump was recently found guilty of civil fraud. The judge said the former president’s “complete lack of contrition” bordered on pathological.

Donald Trump Wants to Ban Abortion Nationwide

Donald Trump wants to enact a nationwide abortion bans and has promised to enact a national 16-week ban if elected as President.

During his presidency, Trump nominated the three conservative Supreme Court justices who helped overturn Roe v. Wade. And he has celebrated the end of constitutionally protected abortion rights ever since, promising to take further action to restrict abortion rights.

The end of legally protected abortions continues to have sweeping implications across the United States as conservatives around the country enact extreme abortion bans, forcing women to travel to states like Minnesota for reproductive health care.

Donald Trump is Extreme and Out-of-Touch 

To make matters worse, Trump is running on an extreme agenda that includes cruel immigration policy, the end to Social Security and Medicare as we know it, and massive tax cuts for corporations like his. 

Trump supports cruel and extreme immigration policy and has committed to mass deportations of undocumented people if elected as president. 

During his first term in office, Donald Trump proposed billions in cuts to Social Security and Medicare that threatened the livelihoods of Americans across the country. 

And he admitted that he would pursue cuts to Medicare and Social Security programs if he were to have a second term in office.

In addition to the irreversible damage of Trump’s corporate giveaways during his presidency, the failed former president is planning another massive corporate tax giveaway in a second term, once again putting large corporations over the needs of hardworking families. 

We Need to Hold Donald Trump Accountable

Minnesotans won’t stand for Donald Trump’s extreme and divisive agenda. 

Sign up to help us hold Trump accountable and get involved in the fight against extremism. 

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