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Minnesota Progressives Are Fighting Back Against Gun Violence.

In 2023, Minnesota progressives passed essential legislation to reduce gun violence across the state. Starting during the Covid-19 pandemic, gun violence increased nationwide, including in Minnesota. The 2021-22 school year saw a record number of guns confiscated from Minnesota schools.

Progressives in the Minnesota Legislature saw the need for something to change. They passed a public safety budget that included two new laws related to the sale and distribution of firearms.

Universal Background Checks

The first new law expanded background check requirements to all private purchases of pistols and semi-automatic military-style assault weapons. This law means that anyone purchasing a firearm in Minnesota must pass a federal background check. 

Background checks for firearm purchases have been shown to help reduce firearm suicides, which are the leading form of firearm death in Minnesota.

Red Flag Law

On January 1st of this year, a new red flag law went into effect, which allows courts to pass a temporary prohibition of individuals who pose a risk to themself or others from owning a gun. Red flag laws are a proven way to intervene before an incident of gun violence takes place.

The legislation will help protect vulnerable Minnesotans from gun violence.

Moms Demand Action

On Tuesday, ABM organizers attended the Moms Demand Advocacy Day rally where gun safety advocates and activists gathered to show support for greater gun violence prevention measures in Minnesota. Survivors of gun violence shared their stories with the crowd. Later, attendees split into small groups to speak to their legislators.

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Help us Build a Better Minnesota

Preventing gun violence in Minnesota is essential. Whether we saw you at the capitol this week or you found us online, we want you to join us in building a better Minnesota.

Join Us.