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Weekly WTF: Republicans say up with guns, down with women’s health.

The 2019 MN legislative session has been underway for less than a month, but Republicans in the legislature have wasted no time introducing bad bills that are out of touch with Minnesota families. Meanwhile, they’ve sat on their hands in light of Trump’s longest-ever shutdown.

Here are the 5 worst actions taken by MN Republicans this week:


5. Undermining workers’ rights

This week, Minnesota Republicans introduced so-called “right to work” legislation, a deceptive name for a bill that takes away working people’s freedom to join together and and advocate for things like better wages and working conditions. Minnesotans simply want the same freedom corporate CEOs have: the freedom to negotiate a fair return on our work and sustain our families.


4. Radically restricting reproductive rights

Republicans are infamous for trying to restrict Minnesotans’ access to safe, legal abortion. This session is no exception, with Republicans trying to ban abortion before most women know they’re pregnant. Anti-abortion bills have passed in other states in recent years, but were just ruled unconstitutional in Iowa. We can’t let Republicans continue attacking women’s health.


3. Shoot first, ask questions later

Minnesotans care about gun safety. So why is Republican Rep. Jason Rarick introducing legislation that would make us less safe? Shoot First laws create situations where a person can escape legal responsibility for their actions simply by claiming that they felt threatened. These laws lead to racially-motivated violence that hurts people of color and do nothing to keep our communities safe.


2. No gun permit necessary

Not only are Republicans trying to lessen consequences for those who use firearms recklessly, they’ve also introduced a bill to allow people to carry firearms without a permit. While Minnesotans overwhelmingly support background checks for all gun purchases and common-sense gun laws, Republicans want to put Minnesota families even more at risk.


1. Failing to hold Trump accountable

Thousands of Minnesotans have been working without pay for over a month. While Governor Walz, Lt. Governor Flanagan, and Democratic leaders are working to keep Minnesota families afloat, Republicans have remained silent. House DFL leaders sent a letter to Trump demanding he reopen the government and reimburse Minnesota. They invited Republicans to cosign. None did.


We need to hold conservatives accountable this session. Find your representatives here and make sure your voice is heard.


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