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Weekly WTF: Excuses, excuses, excuses.

That’s all, Minnesotans. The legislative session has come to a close, and while we can celebrate the work of DFLers protecting health care for over a million Minnesotans and responding to our state’s growing opioid crisis, lots of the issues and measures that Minnesotans care about most were left out.

Why? Because Republicans blocked them.

Paid family leave? Blocked. Equal Rights Amendment? Blocked. Common-sense gun violence prevention measures? Blocked. These were the things that Minnesotans demanded and rallied for all session, and Republicans refused to listen.

Republicans even blocked the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act from the final Health and Human Services bill, and the excuses came right away.

Minnesotans, understandably, were shocked and upset. As big pharma companies continue to gouge the prices of insulin, Minnesotans with diabetes can’t wait any longer. Alec Smith died because he couldn’t afford the outrageous price of his insulin, and many more Minnesotans struggle to pay for the insulin they need to survive. But instead of taking action when the time was right, Republicans are now trying to backpedal, feign concern, and deflect blame.

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