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Weekly WTF: Republicans blocked all of this at the last minute.

Here we go, Minnesotans. Legislators have officially gaveled in the special session with a lot left to do. In the last few days of negotiations, Republicans have left many of the measures that Minnesotans care about most on the cutting room floor (and then lied about it). Here’s the worst of the week.

Blocked the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act

On the day that was scheduled to be the final day of the legislative session, Alec Smith would have turned 28. Tragically, he passed away when he couldn’t afford to pay $1300 for a month supply of insulin. Alec didn’t have to die, which is why DFLers have been fighting all session to pass the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act and help Minnesotans with diabetes access the insulin they need to survive. Republicans, on the other hand, have refused to stand up to Big Pharma and made cheap excuses for why this measure didn’t make it into the final HHS bill.

Blocked a ban on conversion therapy

LGBTQ+ youth in Minnesota don’t need fixing. That’s why DFLers have worked to ban the use of conversion therapy on young Minnesotans, a practice that can cause longlasting and damaging psychological effects. Republicans blocked that too.

Blocked gun violence prevention measures

Too many young people have already lost their lives to gun violence this year. That’s why DFLers this session have stood with 90 percent of Minnesotans, including gun owners and law enforcement leaders, who support gun violence prevention measures to keep our schools and communities safer. Meanwhile, Republicans would rather hear from NRA lobbyists. In the end, Republicans blocked gun violence prevention measures from the final budget bills.

Blocked better sexual harassment standards

DFL Representative Kelly Moller is a prosecutor who has spent her career working to build a better justice system for survivors of sexual violence. She brought that expertise to a bill to remove barriers for Minnesotans reporting sexual harassment. So what’s the status of that bill? You guessed it. Republicans in the Senate blocked it.

Blocked paid family leave

After Republicans this session bragged about including $0 in their budget for paid family leave, it’s no surprise that they blocked DFL-led paid family leave measures in the final hours.

Republicans: failing to give Minnesotans the time they deserve with their loved ones isn’t something to brag about, and we deserve better.

And in Washington…

It’s not just in St. Paul that Republicans are failing to do the right thing for the Minnesotans they represent. All three Minnesota Republicans in Congress voted against a bill to protect LGBTQ+ Americans from discrimination. What do they have to lose from protecting the rights of the people they represent?

Republicans need to understand: we don’t have time for games. Minnesotans deserve action. Together, we need to stand up and let them know what really matters to Minnesotans. Sign up to receive updates from ABM and together we can stand up for progressive values and hold conservatives accountable.

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