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Here are just a few of Trump’s craziest lies.

Donald Trump scowling

Donald Trump doesn’t exactly have a record of being truthful. And when he lands in Minnesota today, he’s bound to spread more lies to his extreme right-wing base. 

For decades, Trump has lied and cheated his way through life. He’s led shady business dealings and spread blatant misinformation online. We’re not buying it, and we’re calling it out so Minnesotans know that Trump’s words can’t be trusted. 

Here’s a (very incomplete) list of Trump’s weirdest, worst, and most dangerous lies: 

The weird

  • Trump claimed that you need an ID to buy cereal. In case you’re like Trump and have apparently never purchased your own cereal before, we can assure you: that’s a lie. 
  • He modified a National Weather Service map of a hurricane path with a sharpie just so he didn’t have to admit he tweeted incorrect information. 
  • He lied about his own approval ratings compared to past presidents. The data says he’s the least popular president in 70 years. 
  • Windmill cancer. Like, seriously, what?

The worrisome

The WTF?

  • He said Mexico would write him a check to pay for the border wall. They’re not going to do that.
  • He claimed that doctors in progressive states kill living babies. That’s DEFINITELY not true.  
  • Speaking of babies, Trump also said that abortions “rip babies from the womb at 9 months, one or two days before birth.” Um, that’s called a C-Section, and it usually produces a healthy living child. I should know. That’s how I was born. #RippedFromTheWombAt9Months
  • He claimed that the U.S. Military ran out of ammunition before he took office. That’s just not a thing that happens. 

Is your head spinning yet? These are just a few of the blatant lies that Trump has spread to his extreme conservative base. We can’t let Trump lie, cheat, and steal any longer. No matter how much he tries to distract from it, the truth is that Trump’s disastrous agenda hurts hardworking Minnesota families every day. 

That’s why we need to spread the facts about the Trump administration’s harmful policies and uphold progressive values in Minnesota. Sign up to receive news and action alerts from ABM, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest. 

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