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Minnesota farmers deserve better than Trump’s trade tantrums.

a field of corn

Minnesota’s farm income is at its lowest in years. China, the world’s largest buyer of soybeans, shut its doors last month to all United States farm products due to Trump’s trade war. Trump said that he’d look out for Minnesota farmers, but instead he’s sided with big ag corporations that have been decimating small farms and has harmed farmers through his trade policies.

Minnesota median farm income hit its lowest level in 23 years in 2018, and farmers in the lowest 20 percent of income lost an average of $72,000 since Trump imposed tariffs. The number of farm bankruptcies has doubled in throughout America during the Trump presidency, and as farmers cope with the Trump’s trade war with China, things might get worse. While Trump’s administration is failing at working towards a solution, our competitors are filling the void and leaving our farmers with little to nothing. 

We need someone who is going to stand up for our farmers and help them when they’re unable to sell their crops. Trump trying to double down on a tariff strategy is exactly what we don’t need. 

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