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Trump is scamming Minnesotans to give handouts to billionaires.

Donald Trump scowling

You pay taxes. I pay taxes. Here in the United States, we all pay taxes.

That is, unless you’re a billionaire CEO reaping the benefits of Trump’s tax scam

Since Trump took office, he’s done everything to cater to his wealthy conservative buddies while leaving hardworking Minnesotans behind. That’s why, for the first time in history, the wealthiest 400 people in the United States now pay a lower tax rate than anybody else in the country. That’s in spite of the fact that these 400 people have hoarded more wealth than the 150,000,000 lowest earning Americans, nearly half the population of the United States.


Let’s put that into perspective. To date, the Minnesota State Fair’s highest recorded attendance in one day was 270,426, and anybody who has been to the Fair on a Saturday knows that’s A LOT of people. To get to 150 million people, the Fair would need to hit that attendance record for 555 days. Since the Fair runs for 12 days a year, that would take 47 years. 400 people walk through the gates in less than two minutes.

400 people with unfathomable amounts of wealth pay less in taxes than you and everyone you know. And that’s if they pay taxes at all. 

Amazon, headed by the wealthiest person in the world, raked in millions in profit in 2018, but paid no federal taxes. In fact, they cashed in a rebate of $129 million. Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company that continues to jack up the price of the prescriptions that Minnesotans need to survive just to turn a bigger profit, also paid nothing in federal taxes

It doesn’t take an economic expert to see the problem here. When Trump boasts about how much he’s done for Americans, he’s really talking about how much he’s done for the super rich. Not us. Not hardworking Minnesotans who just want to be able to support ourselves and our families. 

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