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We take care of our environment. Trump doesn’t.

Students and supporters rally in front of the Minnesota state capitol

Minnesotans have a special connection with our planet. We swim, boat, and fish in our 10,000 lakes. We farm our food with rich soil and clean water. We hike and camp in our parks and trails. We continue to be a leader in clean energy, creating thousands of good jobs while protecting our natural resources. 

That’s because we understand the urgency of climate change, and know that we can have a future where our environment and our economy both thrive. 

Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t see it that way. 

Trump hasn’t been shy about his ridiculous, backwards views on the climate. First, he claimed that climate change is a conspiracy invented by China (it’s not) and then claimed that it goes “both ways” (it doesn’t). 

But it’s not like nobody’s told him what’s actually going on. Scientists have come to Trump with the facts, but his administration censored dozens of federal climate studies that didn’t fit his harmful narrative. 

He rolled back important measures that President Obama took to curtail climate change, withdrew from a global climate agreement, making the U.S. the only country besides Syria not a part of the agreement, and relaxed rules on carbon emissions so wealthy corporations can make more and more money while our planet suffers. 

That’s not okay. Trump’s reckless policy on climate is unpopular, dangerous, and it’s hurting our farmers and our families. We can’t let Trump cause irreversible damage to the natural resources we love and depend on just so his billionaire buddies can rake in more profit. 

The worst part? Trump’s conservative allies in Minnesota are on his side. 

We need to show Trump and conservatives that we love Minnesota, and that means protecting it. We need to demand bold action on climate to preserve our environment for future generations and grow our green economy. Sign up to receive news and action alerts from ABM, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest. 


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