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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Matt Birk.

From spreading COVID-19 misinformation to promoting baseless election conspiracies, conservative candidate for Governor Scott Jensen has proven time and time again that he is dangerous and wrong for Minnesota. His running mate, an anti-choice conservative and former NFL player, Matt Birk, is no different. 

Here are three things about Matt Birk you definitely need to know:

  • Matt Birk is dangerous for LGBTQ+ people in Minnesota. Matt Birk is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage and in 2012 publicly supported the constitutional amendment in Minnesota to ban marriage equality. No matter their gender or sexual orientation, Minnesotans deserve to feel safe and supported by their elected officials. Anti-LGBTQ extremists like Birk have no place spreading hate in our state.


  • Matt Birk will bring a Texas-style abortion ban to Minnesota. In 2013, Birk was exposed for his extreme anti-choice politics and even refused to attend a White House event with his NFL teammates because President Obama supported a woman’s right to choose. He is vocally anti-choice, and with conservatives in the legislature threatening to bring a Texas-style abortion ban to Minnesota, a Jensen-Birk ticket would be catastrophic for reproductive rights.


  • Matt Birk recklessly spreads COVID-19 misinformation. During the COVID-19 crisis, Matt Birk downplayed the pandemic and spread misinformation about the vaccine on social media. Since the pandemic started, Scott Jensen has promoted COVID-19 conspiracies and Matt Birk is following his lead. Their reckless spread of misinformation is dangerous. Minnesotans deserve responsible leaders. 

Scott Jensen and Matt Birk are wrong for Minnesota. We need leaders who will move Minnesota forward, not spread conspiracy theories and push a dangerous anti-choice agenda on our state.

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