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Top 4 things Minnesota Progressives Have Accomplished this March .

Our progressive leaders haven’t wasted a minute of this year’s legislative session. This March, they’ve passed several historic bills, with many more on the agenda. 

Let’s take a look at what’s gone down at the Capitol so far and what’s coming up next: 

Universal School Meals for Minnesota Students 

In March, Governor Walz signed landmark legislation to fund universal school meals for Minnesota students! 

Under this new legislation, Minnesota will pay the gap between federal funding and the meal cost regardless of a family’s income, providing all students with free school lunches and breakfast.

On the other hand, most conservatives in the Minnesota Senate and House voted against providing free breakfast and lunch for school students.

Restoring the Right to Vote

This month, Governor Walz signed into law the Restore the Vote Act, which will return the right to vote for people convicted of a felony as soon as their incarceration ends. 

Under this new law, 50,000 Minnesotans across the state will have their voting rights restored. 

Holding Corporations Accountable for Price Gouging

The Minnesota House of Representatives approved landmark legislation to stop large corporations from artificially raising prices to increase their profit margins during times of emergency. 

Protecting transgender people and their families

Minnesota progressives have worked tirelessly to invest in our communities to build a safer, more equitable home for LGBTQ+ Minnesotans. 

This month, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed legislation to protect transgender people, their families, and medical practitioners from legal repercussions for traveling to 

Minnesota to receive gender-affirming care.

Much More to Come for Minnesota 

We can’t wait to see how Governor Walz and the progressive leadership at the Capitol will continue to work together to invest in our communities and build a better Minnesota.

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