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Minnesota is the Best State for Kids to Grow Up in the Country.

Last night, Governor Walz Delivered the 2024 State of the State address at Owatonna High School in Minnesota. He highlighted the work progressives have done to make Minnesota the best state for children in the country and plan to keep fighting for working families and communities. 

In 2022, Minnesotans elected a historic class of progressive legislators, making the Minnesota Legislature the most diverse in state history. Since then, Minnesota has been leading the country in passing progressive laws that put Minnesota families and children first, from investing in public education to protecting reproductive rights. 

If one thing was clear from Governor Walz’s speech, it is that Minnesota’s progressive leadership is leading the way for states nationwide. 

We had a window of opportunity together.

Working to Ensure that Every Minnesota Student Receives a World-Class Education

In 2023, progressives made incredible progress in improving education in every school across the state. 

Governor Walz signed landmark legislation to fund universal school meals for Minnesota students, which provides free breakfast and lunch across Minnesota’s public schools. 

Since its implementation, the program has been a huge success. The governor reported that 30 percent more students are now eating breakfast at school, ensuring that children are fed in the classroom. 

That’s not all; progressives shepherded the largest investment in public education in our state’s history. Including measures that increased teacher pay, expanded access to mental health resources, social workers, and nurses, and invested in ensuring every student can read at their grade level. 

 Protecting the Right to Abortion and IVF

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, conservatives across the country wasted no time pushing extreme abortion restrictions. Now, they have their sights set on another target: in-vitro fertilization (IVF). And a new court ruling in Alabama could have devastating consequences for patients seeking this standard fertility treatment.

But Governor Walz’s message to Minnesotans was clear: IVF will be protected as long as he’s governor. 

And progressives have worked hard to protect abortion rights for Minnesotans and patients traveling from out of state.

Our right to safe, legal abortion was codified into law by progressives in the Minnesota Legislature

The Reproductive Freedom Defense Act also protects out-of-state patients who come to Minnesota to seek care. 

Putting Minnesota’s Working Families First

We all do better when we all do better, which is why progressives have championed a slate of new laws prioritizing Minnesota’s working families.

Last year, Governor Walz signed bills that expanded access to pre-k and affordable child care, made a billion-dollar investment in affordable housing, established free public college tuition for low-income families, and made paid family and medical leave the law of the land.

Minnesota is Welcoming of All

Across the country, LGBTQ+ rights are under attack by conservatives. But progressives know that Minnesota is no place for hatred or bigotry and have taken historic action to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ Minnesotans. 

Last year, Governor Walz signed the bill outlawing conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth and vulnerable adults. 

As well as signed a bill that made Minnesota a Trans Refuge State.

This crucial legislation protects transgender people, their families, and medical practitioners from legal repercussions for traveling to Minnesota to receive gender-affirming care.

In light of the devastating attacks on trans rights by conservatives across the country, making Minnesota a safe place for trans people and their families to seek the care they need is essential. 

Much more to come for Minnesota 

We can’t wait to see how Governor Walz and the progressive leadership at the Capitol will continue working together to invest in our communities, fight against conservative extremism, and build a better Minnesota.

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