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The Truth About Project 2025.

By now, you might have seen scary tweets or ominous news articles about a conservative agenda for the country after the 2024 election. Project 2025 is part of a plan written by an extreme conservative organization called the Heritage Foundation.  Every presidential election year the Heritage Foundation releases a new plan full of dangerous conservative goals for the future of the United States. Donald Trump was able to enact many of the 2017 Project’s goals during his first presidency, and there’s no reason to believe he won’t do the same in the future if given the opportunity.

We’re here to answer your questions about Project 2025 and tell the truth about the unpopular, and out-of-touch plan for the United States. 


What Does This Mean for Reproductive Rights?

One of Project 2025’s primary goals is to ban abortion nationwide via an antiquated law from the 1800s, which would undo the protections passed by progressives in several states, including Minnesota. The plan goes so far as to allow employers to deny coverage of contraception, something that is currently protected, thanks to the Affordable Care Act

The Project’s sponsor also has longstanding opposition to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) likely in part due to its regular use by LGBTQ+ families.

Project 2025 is already in action. Conservatives are banning abortion and trying to restrict access to IVF and abortion medication. Donald Trump regularly brags about overturning Roe v. Wade. 


Does This Mean More Book Bans?

Yes. Conservatives are already trying to overhaul public education, and Project 2025 will take it even further. The plan includes extreme policies that would reduce federal funding for public schools, shut down the Department of Education, and enact dangerous curriculum changes that harm LGBTQ+ students and teachers.

Extreme conservative organizations like Moms For Liberty have partnered with Project 2025 to write these policies. These are the same organizations that are disrupting school board meetings and forcing restrictive book bans.


Who Profits from This?

Project 2025 is funded by conservative billionaires like the Koch Family and caters to their interests and policy agendas. The Project’s vision allows a small number of wealthy organizations to influence decisions that impact everyday Americans. Donald Trump is trying to distance himself from Project 2025, but former Trump administration officials and affiliates work with the Project directly. Together, Trump and the Heritage Foundation will enact this conservative, regressive plan.


What Can I Do?

Project 2025 may have a new name, but the regressive policies it supports are business as usual for conservatives like Donald Trump. Progressives in Minnesota are fighting back and strengthening protections for vulnerable groups. Sign up to join us in holding conservatives accountable and get more information about what you can do to help.

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