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10 Things Minnesota Does Better Than Our Neighbors.

  • The State Fair 

Let’s be honest; the first thing Minnesota is best at compared to our neighbors in Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska is a given. No one can compete with the Great Minnesota Get-Together. The 12 days of festivities see around 2 million visitors every year.

  • Reproductive freedom

Conservatives in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin have enacted some of the country’s strictest abortion bans. But, thankfully, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed the PRO Act into law, codifying our right to safe, legal abortion and comprehensive reproductive health care in Minnesota. Thanks to our progressive leadership, Minnesota is truly a beacon of access in the Midwest.

  • Clean air and water

Minnesota progressives passed and signed a bill to require utility companies to offer 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040 to prevent a future climate crisis and grow our clean energy economy. The bill is one of the leading climate initiatives across the country and will benefit the quality of air and water for not just our state but the Midwest region as a whole. 

  • Music

From Prince to Bob Dylan and Lizzo, Minnesota, is a hub for a dynamic and world-class music scene. 

  • Investing in our kids’ futures 

During the 2023 legislative session, Minnesota House and Senate progressives passed a budget that makes record investments in Minnesota public schools! 


The bill includes unprecedented investment in school-based mental health and student support personnel. Not to mention funding to provide free menstrual products in public schools and invest in new reading reform programs to keep Minnesota students thriving in the classroom.

  • LGBTQ+ rights

Conservatives in neighboring states have pushed extreme and hateful laws attacking the LGBTQ+ and, specifically, trans community. In Minnesota, progressives in the House and Senate passed a bill to make Minnesota a Trans Refuge State.


And in a massive win for LGBTQ+ people, progressives shepherded a bill through conservative opposition that bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth and vulnerable adults. 

  • Voter participation

It’s no secret that Minnesota is a leader in voter turnout nationwide. This is thanks to our elected leaders, who have helped maintain a safe, secure, and accessible election system. And this year, progressives passed a historic bill to restore voting rights for 50,000 formerly incarcerated Minnesotans. 

  • Taking care of our workers

Minnesota progressives have spent the last decade fighting for Paid Family and Medical leave. Despite conservative opposition, Minnesota will now establish a state-administered paid leave insurance program where everyone contributes and everyone benefits. 

  • Driver’s Licenses for All

This year Minnesota joined numerous other states that have enacted Driver’s Licenses for All. The new law allows Minnesotans to earn a driver’s license regardless of their immigration status.

  • Taking care of our youngest 

Last but not least, Minnesota progressives passed Universal School Meals this year! Conservatives in Wisconsin struck down a similar law. But, here in the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota students will have access to free school breakfast and lunch regardless of the family’s income. 


Minnesota is the best

Seeing what we have achieved together under progressive leadership has truly been inspiring. And as conservatives pass harmful laws across the Midwest, it’s more important than ever that we fight to keep making Minnesota a better, more equitable state for everyone.  


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