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Minnesota Ranks as the 4th Best State to Work and Live; Here’s Why.

Congratulations Minnesota! Our beautiful state was just ranked as one of the country’s best states to work and live. 

This acknowledgment doesn’t come as a surprise (ICYMI, here are ten things Minnesota does better than our neighboring states). Minnesota has long been known for our record-breaking voter participation, gorgeous state parks, and best-in-the-country state fair. 

But this year, Minnesota made the list because of our slate of new progressive laws, from abortion protections to health care affordability and voting rights. 

This victory wasn’t possible without the work of our progressive leaders and organizers who fought to secure a historic progressive trifecta and championed much of the transformative legislation that pushed Minnesota to the top of the list. 

Here’s the recap of how Minnesota worked its way into the top 5: 

Progressives secured comprehensive abortion rights for Minnesotans

The first thing Minnesota’s progressive trifecta secured after the 2022 election: abortion rights. 

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed the PRO Act into law, codifying our right to safe, legal abortion and comprehensive reproductive health care in Minnesota. 

And with the right to abortion continuously under siege in our neighboring states, progressives passed the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act to protect patients coming to Minnesota from a state that banned abortions. 

Thanks to our progressive leadership, Minnesota is truly a beacon of access in the Midwest.

Minnesota makes health care accessible and affordable 

According to the United Health Foundation, Minnesota is 4th in the country for access to health care. 

And this year, progressives made health care even more accessible and affordable. In a momentous win for diabetics and other chronically ill Minnesotans, health plans must now limit copays for prescription drugs to treat chronic diseases to $25 or less a month. 

Plus, in a  record expansion of the state’s health insurance program for low-income residents, undocumented Minnesotans can now enroll in the program and have access to health insurance. 

Voting rights are a priority here 

Minnesota’s democracy is stronger than ever thanks to the progressives who passed Restore the Vote into law. 

The law restored voting rights for over 50,000 formerly incarcerated Minnesotans.

And progressives championed a slate of voting expansion laws that include voter pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds, automatic voter registration, and measures to protect poll workers. 

Building a better Minnesota 

Certainly we know how great Minnesota is, with or without the acknowledgment. And seeing what can be achieved under progressive leadership has been inspiring. 

We can’t wait to watch Minnesota work its way to the top as our progressive leaders continue to dream big and invest in our communities. 

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